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In the News - 2009

A representative selection of news coverage in relation to Justice for Families is shown below:

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- November -
29/11/2009: UK Looks To Make Family Courts Open And Accountable

New proposals were unveiled by the Ministry of Justice last week which were intended to contribute further towards the contentious opening of the family courts [.. ..]

The newly proposed system of naming experts has also been extolled by those such as John Hemming [.. ..]

7/11/2009: Britain stealing children for higher adoption numbers

There has been a major increase in the adoption of children in Britain since Government’s incentive to social workers. [.. ..]

Mr Hemming has said that he has evidence from parents that children are separated from families without proper grounds and is unable to publicise this because fo the court laws.

- October -
26/10/2009: Birmingham MP John Hemming gives refuge to Jersey whistleblower

A Birmingham MP has taken an on-the-run whistleblower into his home after he claimed asylum in the UK.[.. ..]

John Hemming says Stuart Syvret will be arrested "over his dead body" after the former Jersey health minister holed up at his London flat.

21/10/2009: ‘They wanted to take away our child’

George and Liz McCulloch committed one simple crime in the eyes of the authorities. They fought for a better standard of education for their disabled daughter;[.. ..]

18/10/2009: Smethwick mum’s baby snatched from birth pool by social services

Partner Paul, 43, said he watched in horror as mum and baby were whisked off to hospital separately after the dramatic social services swoop on September 15.

7/10/2009: MP Hemming targets councils, police, health trusts

Birmingham MP John Hemming is calling for an independent inquiry into how councils, police and health trusts investigate suspicious child deaths.

6/10/2009: Social Services report: Investigation author demands culture change at council

Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, a family rights campaigner, said: "This report confirms what I have known for a long time. There is a lot of really bad practice going on.

4/10/2009: Battered Mothers’ Children Seized

Victims of domestic violence are having their children snatched away from them to prevent the youngsters witnessing the abuse. [.. ..]

Birmingham Lib Dem MP Mr Hemming, said: "This is a situation in which the state punishes rather than protects victims of domestic violence. The Government needs to urgently review this policy as it is doing untold harm to hundreds of families."

- September -
6/9/2009: Question a doctor and lose your child

Parents are being threatened with having their children taken into care after questioning doctorsí diagnoses or objecting to their medical care. [.. ..]

Cases are emerging across the UK:

- August -
15/8/2009: This mother went on the run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son.

Angela Wileman never thought this day would come. She wraps her arms around her seven-year-old son Lucas, as if she cannot let go. ‘I have fought to keep him and I have won. At last we can stop running away,’ she says with relief in her voice.

3/8/2009: Child abuse findings still missing from council website

Birmingham city council officials were left red-faced last night after a pledge to reveal the findings of investigations into the cases of eight children who died from suspected abuse or neglect backfired. [.. ..]

John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) added: "Whoever devised the rules for the safeguarding children website does not understand it’s about communicating with people not about keeping things secret." [.. ..]

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- July -
25/7/2009: Father banned from family home by social workers over unfounded allegations

A father of four who was forced out of his own home by social workers over unfounded allegations of sexual abuse has been reunited with his family.[.. ..]

21/7/2009: Birmingham social workers lack practical experience, says MP Hemming

[.. ..] John Hemming said social workers were spending too much time in the office "in front of computers" and failing to get out and talk to parents and young people thought to be at risk of physical or sexual abuse. [.. ..]

20/7/2009: Inquiry to expose failures of Birmingham children’s social services

An inquiry into the poor performance of Birmingham children’s social services will expose systemic failure in a department unfit to cope with the growing pressures of looking after vulnerable young people in the 21st century [.. ..]

- June -
6/6/2009: British baby siezed in Ireland after parents flee social workers over custody row

A three-day-old girl is at the centre of an emotional custody battle after a British couple fled to Ireland to have their baby only to have it siezed by social workers in the Republic.

1/6/2009: Mother in fight to stop her daughter being adopted

A mother who has been told her daughter will be adopted because she does not have the mental capacity to look after her claims the child has been "stolen".

- May -
31/5/2009: ‘They stole my little girl,’ says mother judged too stupid to care for her baby

A young mother who was judged too stupid to care for her own baby has accused social workers of ‘stealing’ the child from her.

- April -
29/4/2009: Family courts system accused of hiding evidence from parents

Parents fighting in the family courts for contact with their children are being denied access to their personal files by a corrupt system, a leading parental rights campaigner has said.

27/4/2009: The Shining Light of the Media

Today sees the opening up of family courts to the media as a result of new legislation. From now on, according to the amended Family Proceedings Rules, "accredited representatives of news-gathering and reporting organizations" will be allowed inside all family proceedings courts, whether divorce or private or public children law.

17/4/2009: Senator accuses police of erasing numbers from his mobile phone

The politician arrested last week for allegedly breaking data protection laws says Jersey police have erased numbers from his mobile phone.

16/4/2009: Alison’s son was snatched away after she was wrongly branded a child abuser...now she fights for justice for other mothers

This month, her three-year campaign with John Hemming MP to open up family courts will pay off, as journalists and charity representatives such as herself are finally allowed to attend case conferences, enabling greater public scrutiny of procedures.

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10/4/2009: Openness of family courts is a ‘con trick’

Jack Straw has been accused of a confidence trick over plans to open the family courts to the media.

John Hemming, MP, has warned that although the Justice Secretary’s new rules will allow the media to attend family court proceedings for the first time, reports cannot be published without the judge’s permission.

- March -
17/3/2009: Jersey abuse case review rejected

A bid to secure a judicial review into the Jersey child abuse inquiry has been rejected at London’s High Court.

It was brought by Jersey senator Stuart Syvret and UK Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who say the law has been subverted by a "cover-up and political interference".

- February -
23/2/2009: MPs, agony aunts and journalists to meet over family justice system

A group of MPs, led by John Hemming, has organised a meeting at the House of Commons with a group of journalists and media agony aunts to discuss the care system and family courts.

15/2/2009: Revealed: Britain’s devastating 50-a-year toll of ‘Baby P’ murders

Social Services could be failing to prevent the deaths of almost 50 children a year at the hands of their parents and guardians.

The biggest-ever media investigation into lethal child abuse, published in The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine today, reveals the shocking hidden toll of children who die of suspected neglect or abuse in their families’ care

15/2/2009: Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming agrees: "There are two issues here. One is that the press will be prevented from reporting cases like the Websters with their names and faces. The other is that, at the moment, children who are in care are entitled to speak out if they are unhappy, although it doesn’t happen very often because nobody knows how to do it. The effect of this change will be to gag them."

14/2/2009: The 228 child deaths they didn't want to tell you about

On July 1 last year, John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley, wrote under the Freedom of Information Act to all local authorities in England that deal with child protection. He wanted to know the number of child death SCRs commissioned by the authorities, along with the ages of the children and the dates of their deaths. Hemming’s findings - which he has shared with us exclusively and form part of our investigation - are important.

12/2/2009: MPs back Commons motion on media representation of social workers

The shadow minister for children, Tim Loughton, and Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd are among the signatories of the early day motion tabled by John Hemming MP a week ago.